15 Sesame Place Travel Tips {written by a Mom and former Blog Ambassador}

It’s the weekend we’ve all been waiting for! Sesame Place opens for the season this weekend. Even better-the weather should be perfect. I’m still deciding whether or not we’re going to go.

Sesame Place Travel Tips

I was previously a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador for 4 seasons. We’ve been going there since Kevin could walk. Needless to say, I’ve got a tip or two to share with you.

brian at sesame place


If you’re thinking of going to Sesame Place this weekend, here are some things to consider, that you might not find on their website.

Sesame Place Travel Tips

  1. It really is for all ages. There are small rides and play areas for babies and ‘tweens will enjoy the Grover roller coaster and the new-ish Honker and Dinger ride.
  2. Don’t forget the shows. Plan to see at least one or two of the shows. They are excellent. One parent can/should wait in line and the other can take the kids on a ride or to the bathroom while you’re waiting.kevin and count von count
  3. They have an excellent accommodation program for children with disabilities. The not-so-excellent thing about it is that the Customer Service office where you have to access it only ever has 1-2 people working there and the wait is long. {Hoping that changes soon!}
  4. The water rides are open outside of the traditional Memorial Day to Labor Day time frame. Look on website, check weather and decide whether or not to bring swimsuits.
  5. You can bring in one small cooler. This can help with special diets or saving money.
  6. But their food is reasonably priced. And not too bad!
  7. I highly recommend the character Meet and Greets or dining events. This allows you to have a place to sit and relax for an hour or so, meet all the characters and not have to wait in line for each one individually. They also have roomy family restrooms there which is a nice bonus.
  8. If you’re going to go to Sesame Place more than twice this calendar year, get a season pass. Will pay for itself by the 3rd visit and you save money on food and in the stores.
  9. Don’t overlook the off season. I have been there when it is bitter, bitter cold for the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and guess what? One of our most memorable experiences!
  10. Don’t panic if you forget something. Their gift shops have everything from extra shoes and swimsuits to sunscreen and swim diapers.
  11. People start staking their spot for the parade about an hour before it starts. If you want a front row seat (and you do!), put a towel down or something.
  12. For the parade, if you want to increase your child’s chances of getting picked to participate in it with the characters, here’s what to do. Look at the parade route. See Grover’s Food Truck? That’s generally the vicinity (both sides) where they pick from. Maybe a little bit closer to the front gate, but in that general area.
  13. Stroller parking is a nightmare. I don’t know what else to say. It is. But, what do you expect when the main target audience uses a stroller? But, just know this ahead of time so that you’re not frustrated.
  14. If it’s a special occasion or it’s not a financial hardship, rent a cabana. The times that we’ve done that, it has been wonderful to have a place to go and chill and eat and have some down time.
  15. Elmo DOES NOT wander the park greeting children like the other characters. If you want a picture with Elmo, you must go to the 123 Smile with Me.
  16. Have fun! As their saying goes, Go before they grow!


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