63 Free Sesame Street Coloring Pages | PDF

Free Sesame Street Coloring Pages

Well, here we are. Stuck at home with not much to do. I need to get some activities going for Kevin, and of course, that will involve Sesame Street. Luckily I was able to find a ton of free Sesame Street Coloring Pages and Sesame Street Activities.

Sesame Street Activities

This is a big file. But, I felt like it was a pain to download a zillion things and didn’t want you to have to do it. So, you download it once, just make sure that your printer is set to only print the pages you want to be printed.

  • Abby Fairy Fun Pack-pages 1-8
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt coloring page, page 9
  • The Count’s BatMobile, pages 10-12
  • Kindness Bingo, page 13
  • Elmo’s Garden Printable, page 14
  • Pages 15-27, general pictures of Sesame Street Characters
  • Sesame Street Nature Journal, pages 28-31
  • Great Grandparent awards-32, 33
  • 34-39, Travel and “Vacation at Home” pages
  • 40-42, International Flags
  • 43-63, more general Sesame Street pictures, including good health habits and washing your hands

Here you go, here is the free downloadable file of Sesame Street coloring pages.