3 Fun, Affordable Sesame Street Room Decor and Decorating Ideas

Sesame Street Room Decor

My son’s birthday was a few weeks ago. We are redoing his bedroom in a Sesame Street theme. Finding Sesame Street room decor has not been as easy as I thought.

Since he is older than most Sesame Street fans, I want it to be what he wants. But, since he is disabled, I don’t want it to be babyish or patronizing.

sesame street room decor

Society does infantilize disabled adults and treat them like children. Having a hyper interest in Sesame Street does not help. He just adores Count von Count and takes his Count doll with him everywhere. I don’t believe there is anything age appropriate or age inappropriate about liking things.

And, Count and Sesame Street is what he likes. When it came time to redo his room, I wanted a hip, gritty, urban Sesame Street feel to his room. Not the babyish kind. So, it was time to shop.

First, my parents wanted us to meet at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It conveniently has a Crate & Barrel at the same mall and I was aware that they have a new line of Sesame Street bedroom items.

Sesame Street at Crate & Barrel

Overall, I was disappointed. First, there is not much on display at the store. (and I was told that this store, King of Prussia, has more items than most)

And what is there is really overpriced, in my opinion. They have a playset. My son grabbed it right away.

Since it was his birthday, I decided to buy it for him. I was quite surprised to learn that it is $79. Yes, I still purchased it as it was his birthday and he doesn’t ask for much. But that is really spendy for what it is.

The wall hangings pictured above are adorable, right? Too bad that if you want them, you’ll pay well over $100 for the pair. And they’re not that big.

I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to order them.

sesame street at crate and barrel

But then I was thinking, “Am I really going to pay over $100 for two small wallhangings?”

I had to find affordable ideas.

Sesame Street Room Decor Ideas

So, as usual, I’m back to eBay. And Etsy. There is almost nothing on Amazon or Mercari. I may start hunting fall yard sales and estate sales.

I will update this post with photos at some point. Right now his room is messy and the lighting isn’t good. But, we decided to paint it the green and gray colors from Sesame Street.

I purchased some record albums on ebay and bought frames for them at Michael’s. I paid $1 each for two record albums. The set of picture frames was $17 at Michael’s.

I have a ton of Sesame Street vintage bedding. Now I just have to hunt down a valance and a few other things for the walls. Or wall decals. And Sesame Street clocks.

There’s actually a lot of good stuff out there, you just have to be patient. When you are decorating with vintage items, you can’t just go out and buy everything at once.

You just have to add your Sesame Street items one at a time. I’m also thinking about taking some of our vintage Sesame Street books and framing pages or covers of the ones that aren’t in great condition (can no longer be read as a book).

Sesame Street Bedroom Ideas

If you are thinking of how to decorate your child’s room, regardless of their age, in a Sesame Street theme, here are a few ideas.

  • Vintage stuff is super hot right now, and will give a room an “older” or more adult feel. Less babyish and toddlerish.
  • If your child has a favorite character, consider highlighting that, or using it as an accent color. Cookie Monster blue, Big Bird yellow, Oscar green…lots you can do. You can paint the room in that theme, use the Sesame Street stuff to accessorize. If they get sick of it–just remove the accessories. If my son ever tires of Sesame Street and green/gray thing we have going on, I can move it to Philadelphia Eagles and not have to repaint anything.
  • In the past 5-10 years, several major stores have carried Sesame Street lines of merchandise. Including Target, Crate and Barrel, Gap, Under Armor and more. I have found that they do a terrible job of promoting this stuff, so sometimes you just have to be good at internet searches.
  • Don’t neglect the resale market: Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook marketplace, ebay, craigslist, goodwill and much more. Sesame Street has been around for over 50 years, so there is plenty of gently used stuff kicking around secondhand markets.

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