Cookie Monster Book with Recipes: The Joy of Cookies (buy it here, review)

Cookie Monster Book

Have you seen the New Cookie Monster book~The Joy of Cookies? Did you even know that Cookie Monster wrote a new book? He’s been on all the morning talk shows. “The Joy of Cookies.”

Of course, I had to buy it!

We are really enjoying the new Cookie Monster book. And, the recipes are good!

I pre-ordered it from Amazon, and it was $13. A bit more than I typically spend on a book, but we wanted it. I shop at a local used bookstore and we get most of our Sesame Street books for $0.25. I reminded myself that over the years I’ve saved enough money on books to justify a small splurge.

It arrived while Kevin was at school. I knew immediately that this was a really nice book and one that I don’t want tattered and dog-eared, which is what he tends to do with his books.

So I hid it.

New Cookie Monster book~The Joy of Cookies

Kevin is really enjoying this book. I can already tell that this copy will be worn out within a few months and I’ll be looking to purchase another copy. I am updating this post and can see that the price of the book is down about half of what it was when we first purchased it.

We also made some of the cookie recipes and got a few spots on the pages.

New Cookie Monster book~The Joy of Cookies

Right away, he flipped through the pages until he found his favorite Sesame Street character.

New Cookie Monster book~The Joy of Cookies

We love this book. I was listening in as Kevin’s aide read it to him. It is just delightful. I have since read it to him myself, and by myself, several times. It is a really fun book.

Both adults and kids will love this book. Of course, it has all the silly things you’d expect from Cookie Monster. It also has lots of adult inferences and statements and jokes, to make it enjoyable for adults. But nothing dirty!

I particularly love his crumbs of wisdom.

Cookie Monster on the Rachael Ray Show

This book is for everyone. It’s a really easy read. You can read it cover to cover, or you can just skip around and pick a page here and there. It works both ways.

I think this will also be a good book for struggling readers and those who struggle with things like inferences.

Cookie Monster Book with Recipes

Yes! There are cookie recipes in this book. We tried a few of the classics and they turned out good.

There are many teaching opportunities with this book. Plus, parents can make it a multi-sensory experience by adding videos with the reading. And making and eating cookies of course.

At first, I thought that this book was being overhyped. Now that I have it and have read it multiple times, that is definitely not the case. Every Sesame Street fan needs to have this book in their collection. But even the casual fan will enjoy the wisdom of Cookie Monster.


PS- When we went to Sesame Street Live, we got to meet Cookie Monster!