Sesame Street Cupcakes, Cakes AND Cookies OH MY!

Sesame Street Cupcakes and Cake

It seems to be such a shame, doesn’t it? To have all these super cute Sesame Street cake and cupcakes, and then they get eaten! I remember when it was time for my younger son’s 2nd birthday party. He was into Angry Birds then, and that fad had just started. So I had to look online and make my own printable cupcake toppers. There was nothing available for purchase. Luckily, since Sesame Street has been around for almost 50 years, we don’t have that problem. You can find Sesame Street cupcakes, Sesame Street cake, Sesame Street cookies, and Sesame Street cupcake toppers.

sesame street cake

Sesame Street Cookies, Cupcakes and Cakes

  1. Cookie Monster Cupcakes-from Cupcake Diaries Blog
  2. Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes-from I am Bakeroscar the grouch cupcakes
  3. Elmo Cupcakes-from Two Sisters Crafting
  4. Cookie Monster Oreo Cookies with Rock Candy-from Busy Mommy Media
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  6. Cookie Monster Oreo Cookies-from
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  9. Sesame Street Cookies-from Amanda’s Cookincookie-monster-and-elmo-cookies
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  11. Sesame Street Cake Idea-from Sugarland Chapel Hill
  12. Cookie Monster Cake-from Great Food Fun PlacesI.Can't.Even. with that Cookie Monster cake. 15 Amazing Ideas: Sesame Street cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Perfect for your next party!
  13. Elmo Cake-from Haath Se
  14. Simple Elmo Cake-from Blue I Style BlogElmo Birthday Cake
  15. Sesame Street Cake Idea-from Cake Central


Sesame Street Cupcake Toppers


I hope that you had as much fun looking at these and planning your Sesame Street Party as I did. If you have something to share, leave a comment, thanks!