10 Best Sesame Street Birthday Party Games for Kids. {DIY + purchased}

Sesame Street Party Games

It’s hard to believe, but Kevin has only ever had one Sesame Street Birthday Party. And I call us fans! To make it worse, it was his first birthday, so we didn’t even have any Sesame Street party games because he was so little.

sesame street party games

But, this year, I want him to have a nice party. His birthday comes at a really bad time of year. Everyone is in the throes of Back-to-School, Labor Day and enjoying the last bits of summer.

elmo sesame street game
I love this Elmo game for a birthday party.

It was easier when they were in preschool. Now, most years, Kevin is off for his birthday but his brother has school, so I’ve been taking him to Sesame Place for the day. Another year, I took him to Sesame Street Live.

elmo dorothy fishing game
This Elmo and Dorothy fishing game is PERFECT if your party gets rained out.

Cookie Monster Party Game

This one is pretty easy to do, especially if you already have a cornhole set. And, you can just use brown cardboard and magic marker to make cookies for this Cookie Monster Party Game.

feed cookie monster game

This summer I want to make the effort for him to have a nice party, so I’m starting the planning now. Here are some Sesame Street games that I found online.

Oscar the Grouch Party Game

A silver trash can and crumpled up paper. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

oscar trash can toss game

Sesame Street Games for a Birthday Party

Here are more Sesame Street party game ideas I found, for the perfect Sesame Street Birthday party.

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I’m sorry but the list gets reduced when I update it. Too often, blogs get taken down and the link no longer works.

If you have a great Sesame Street Party Game that you want to share, please leave it as a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

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sesame street party game
Here you go, pin it so you have it.